Virtual Tours

Don’t let not being in London prevent you from taking part in a guided tour!

It might sound strange, but there is so much to learn and appreciate about London that sometimes it’s nice to absorb it from the comfort of your own home. Consider it like a virtual, interactive guidebook – an introduction to some of the different areas of London and a chance for you to start gathering ideas.

Using a combination of maps, Google Street View, photos, and videos, we recreate the London tour experience as much as possible, plus we’re able to point out more details and cover more ground than you would be able to on a regular walking tour!

Maybe pick a virtual tour in the vicinity of your hotel? Or consider one in an area you’re planning to visit (so you’ll already recognise it when you’re there in person). Or try somewhere absolutely brand new and exciting! The possibilities are endless.

Virtual tours are also excellent for larger groups (there’s no limit to group size on Zoom!), visitors with mobility issues, or those who can’t travel at the moment, but want London brought to them!
Prices start at £60, have a peruse of the virtual tours on offer below, and then you can get in touch via the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.