The Church of St Mary Aldermanbury

There’s not much left of the church of St Mary Aldermanbury, but the space has been left as one of the City of London’s “pocket parks”. First mentioned in 1181, it was destroyed in by the Great Fire of London in 1666 and rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren.

Sadly the church didn’t fare any better during the Second World War and was badly damaged during the Blitz . It wasn’t rebuilt this time, but can you guess what happened to what remained?

In 1966 the stones were transported to America and the church was rebuilt! It now stands on the grounds of Westminster College in Missouri as a memorial to Winston Churchill, which isn’t as random as you may think. It was here in 1946 that Churchill made his famous Iron Curtain Speech.

Today there’s a plaque to give an idea how the church would have looked, and you’ll find some remains of the church’s foundation too.

It also features on our tour of the City of London, so if you fancy hearing more fascinating facts on this, and much more – why not book a spot?

I Spy London – What will you discover?

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